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Dolphin Tours

St. Augustine, Florida

The bottlenose dolphin is a streamlined, intelligent resident of our local waters - the coastal areas around St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach, Florida. Bottlenose dolphins live inshore and offshore in groups called pods.

We offer private charters for between two to six people with the sole purpose of seeing as many dolphins as we can in their natural environment.

These pods of dolphins can often be observed feeding, traveling and socializing inshore and offshore. Dolphins often ride the bow wake of boats underway, gliding effortlessly at speeds approaching 20 mph. Echolocation allows the dolphins to zero in on their prey of choice. Master opportunists, dolphins are always present behind working shrimp trawlers to gobble up the discarded fish bycatch and escaping shrimp.

A dolphin can consume up to 20 pounds of fish and crustacea daily. Federal law prohibits feeding or otherwise interfering with wild dolphins.

What Can We Expect?

Our excursions typically provide a close look at dolphins in their natural environment feeding, resting or socializing. Offshore we may also encounter sea turtles, pelicans, seagulls or manta rays. There is no guarantee that we will see dolphins, but our success rate is above 90%.

Private Dolphin Tours

  • Two hour dolphin excursions
  • Up to six passengers
  • Catering available
  • $75 per adult, $45 per child
  • Call for pricing for extended eco tours or custom excursions

Burial At Sea

Dolphin Tours St. Augustine provides cremation burial at sea services. We offer a safe respectful atmosphere for family and friends of the deceased to pay their final respects at sea.

  • EPA-Compliant - our burials at sea take place outside three miles as required for EPA permit approval
  • Six Passenger Maximum - the boat has capacity for six with an enclosed bathroom and guests may bring food and drinks

We also provide burial at sea services for unescorted remains. These trips will include a video of the distribution. A service can be customized to suit the needs of the deceased as directed by the family. A copy of the death certificate is required.

Burials At Sea in St. Augustine

Other Services

  • Custom tours are available for longer periods of time or to explore specific areas.
  • Seasonal manatee viewing tours are available, please check for availability.
  • Birding and eco-tours are always available - Florida offers amazing opportunities for wildlife viewing year-round.


All of our Dolphin Tours meet at the St. Augustine Shipyard.

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$45 per child

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